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Services We Offer

We offer a variety of Digital Learning Solutions
We offer also Administration and Project Management services

We Are Proud AteWhat We Do

Being in service to others is what brings true happiness.

Our team members have an extensive experience in several fields, from R&D, Graphic Design, Instructional Design, E-learning development, Rapid prototyping, LMS configuration, customization and administration, virtual reality, simulations, mobile development, etc.

We will be more than happy to contribute in your success by offering cutting edge technologies and services.

E-learning Plateforms

We offer to our clients the possibility to purchase our platform which is responsive and SCORM compliant with many features.

OEM Platforms

We can customize our platform and install it on the server of your choice.

Simplilearn Courses

Get prepared to certification by a worldwide learder of online and live courses.


International certifications preparation courses are available with our partner Simplilearn.


Algerian Marketplace

Algerian Experts offer you elearning courses in several field at an affordable price.

First E-learning marketplace in Algeria for Algerian Experts.



Create Engaging learning environments using Virtual and mobile techs.



Digitize your Classroom

We offer hardware that allows you to digitize your classroom.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are new ways to engage your student learning by using technology.


Contact Us

We will happy to contribute to your projects. Feel free to contact us to know more abourt our services.

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